Hola! I am so grateful for all of your love and support throughout the years. It wasn’t easy but God is an amazing God and I am getting wiser and stronger. If you purchased a copy of the cookbook please take a pic of you and or of a recipe you made from the book. I am so appreciative for everyone who bought the book. This book is not about me as you will see when you read the book. It’s about the great Crescent City, New Orleans and telling the story of Latinos who were also there from the beginning cooking, working and making their contribution to Nola to this day. It’s time for their story to be told by the only way you do it in Nola…through the food y’all..The food is so good in this book y’all it’s..Slap yo mama’ good! So grateful to Natalie Root for believing in me and picking me up when all I had was a bicycle and a good idea lol. We did it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to all those that opened their door to us, cooked, laughed, danced and told us their story. It was a never to forget experience. So as the holidays come near, take a picture of yourself with one of the recipes in the book and know that these are real people with real history who made these recipes. And some of my own recipes are in there that have been passed down to me…even Chicago, a jibarito sandwich…I will always be a Chi-town girl with a Nola heart 😉 Thankful everyday for God’s blessings and the lessons I have learned on my bicycle riding through the French Quarter and today! Con mucho amor-Zella


Hola! I am so g…


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