New Orleans Living Magazine Social Editor Margarita Bergen

I am still on cloud nine y’all! Yesterday was so fabulous! It was such an honor to be Margarita Bergen’s guest speaker. 250 people for her annual round table! My book flew off of the tables! I interviewed 13 Latino New Orleanians for my cookbook and Margarita was one of them. Her story is a riot! She has a champagne alter, a cute dog named Duchess and a hat collection to die for! She is originally from the Dominican Republic but grew up in New York. She came to New Orleans after a broken heart and has truly become a New Orleans socialite. To know her is to love her and everyone is addressed as ‘Darling’. To read more about Margarita get a copy of my book New Orleans con Sabor Latino: The History and Passion of Latino Cooking. I can’t wait for her Christmas party this Sunday in the French Quarter! Stay tuned for pics! Le Bon Temps Rouler Darlings! And please if you buy a copy of my book send me a pic of you with the book and recipe and email me at houseofzella@gmail.com I will post your pic on my blog! You are helping spread the word to the world about the rich Latino culinary history in New Orleans!





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