Do you know who Chef Adolfo Garcia is?


If you don’t know who Chef Adolfo Garcia is you need to know. He was voted Top Latino Chef by a host of organizations, magazines and newspapers. A James Beard Winner and the baddest restaurateur I know!

When I was working on my book, I had to have him in my book. I rode my bike to his restaurant A Mano in the New Orleans Warehouse District and told him about my project. He said, “Sure baby. Whatever you need,” with his Latino New Orleanian accent. He became my godfather and has delivered on everything I needed to make this cookbook a reality.

I interviewed him and his firecracker Dominican wife Margarita. They shared with me their story, their laughter, their food and practically adopted me lol. In my book New Orleans con Sabor Latino: The History and Passion of Latino Cooking, Margarita said, “We were still living in New York when I was pregnant and Adolfo was finishing up his schooling at the Culinary Institute of America. I went into labor in a middle of a snowstorm. Adolfo called for an ambulance and he said, “Please come get my wife. She’s in labor and I’m from New Orleans. I don’t know how to drive in the snow!”

Today, Chef Adolfo Garcia owns 4 restaurants in New Orleans, A Mano, Gusto, High Hat Cafe and La Boca. Yet he is so humble about his career. Soooo many approached him to be in their book or to ghost write a cookbook for him but he said yes to me and I’m grateful. Read the foreword in my book. He wrote it and it’s pure Latino Who Dat Nation! Thank you Chef! Mil Gracias!


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