New Orleans

Bio: ZELLA PALMER CUADRA is a curator, cook, culinary historian, and writer. She has curated or collaborated on exhibits at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and the Newcomb Art Gallery in New Orleans and DuSable Museum in Chicago. She is the author of New Orleans con Sabor Latino: The History and Passion of Latino Cooking Cookbook.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Leon A. Waters says:

    Hi Ms Zella, I see you once lived in Chicago. Did you know our beloved founder of our museum, the Louisiana Museum of African American History, – Dr. Margaret T. Burroughs? She and her husband started DuSable Museum.

    When will you get an opportunity to prepare that Irish dish of meat and potatoes? When you do, can you invite me to taste your quisine?

    I do hope you enjoyed the bus ride to the conference in Natchitoches. We will be sending out an evaluation form to all. We want to hear your feedback.

    Take Care,

    Best Regards,

    Leon A. Waters


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